On Your Knees!

On your knees!  You ask what I am speaking of…

Praying of course.  Praying on your knees.  Why can’t I just pray as I drive or sit at work or while making supper or while lying in bed?  Well of course you can.  You can pray any time and anywhere and anyway you choose but according to Daniel, praying on your knees three times a day is cool!!

“Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before” ~Daniel 6:10

I attended a Dare2Share conference in Lincoln, Nebraska this past weekend with our youth group.  We took 29 kids and 6 adults.  There was a total of 4000 people in which most were youth!!  WOW!!!

The theme for the weekend was Living in Reverse.  If you want to check out more about Dare2Share and Living in Reverse go to

Our youth were challenged to the Daniel 30 Day Prayer Challenge.  This consists of  praying three times a day on their knees for 30 days.  But when we got back from the conference our youth group leader challenged the kids even further…for them to take a “selfie” of themselves praying once a day and post to Facebook, snapchat, instagram or whatever social media they use.

So I think selfie’s are very silly and I hardly ever take them but I did to help support the kids.  NO judging, here you go…

Praying on my knees-2-9-14

Why am I telling you all about this?  Because this conference was life changing for me.  Yes ME!  I have come back from this conference a new person.  This is just one more step on my faith journey!  Over the past year I have felt very lead by Christ to lead a young girls group which I was really thinking about doing BUT the good Lord showed me a slightly different path.  I will be helping with the youth group in our community!  I will be able to reach out to all the youth not just the girls.  I have already been approached by a few girls after giving my very short testimony.  I can’t explain to you in words what this feels like but I can tell you that the Holy Spirit has been working inside me and now I understand why!  Even if I can help 1 person because of the “stuff” I went through in my life IT IS WORTH IT!!!!

I welcome prayers for our youth and all the youth in the world as they struggle each and every day as they long for something, anything to help them along the way.  Unfortunately they don’t always choose the right something!  We have to help them figure that out.

Have a very blessed day and remember to pray on your knees.

“Then these men went as a group and found Daniel praying and asking God for help.”  ~Daniel 6:11


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  1. Wow Crystal! I am so inspired by your journey and love to watch your transformation. I am joining your 30 day challenge, three times a day! Love you dearly!

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