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On Your Knees (continued)

Not only am I changing as I keep plugging away on my journey, but my daughter is also on board.  The Dare2Share conference was life changing for her as well.

My 14 year daughter is also participating in the challenge and she posted her selfie on her Facebook page.

Haley Praying

Now getting back into “Life” from an extremely passionate, uplifting weekend I was worried about all the drama and stress and struggles that our youth go through on a daily basis.  I am pretty sure that I need to Let Go and Let God more often because my daughter is much stronger than I give her credit for at times.

I logged into Facebook this morning to find this as her status…

“When all you see on facebook is drama, it makes you think about deleting it.. I need it for certain reasons though.. stupid drama, glad I let that part of my life go! All thanks to everyone who helped me at Dare2Share!”  Said my 14 year old daughter!!

I am such a proud momma right now and I owe it all to Jesus!!!


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