God Speaks!

Wanna hear a cool story…I brought my bible today (we are in Amery, WI for Dee’s wake and funeral) which I don’t usually take my bible unless going to church and youth group. I sat down at the hotel to read the bible before the wake and I read Matthew 15:22b. “Have mercy on me, Oh Lord, Son of David! My daughter is severely demon-possessed.” I laughed a little and asked my daughter, Haley if she felt okay. We went to the wake and I didn’t think about it again until we got back a little bit ago. I jumped on Facebook and there was a link to an article about an Iowa priest being selected to learn Exorcism. So that took me back to the verse. I read the rest of the scripture. At the end Matt15:28 it talks about the great faith of the woman and that Jesus healed her daughter. Long story made long…I have been praying multiple times a day to read and learn the bible and to live the way God wants me to. My take is that I am going in the right direction and I leaned on the word in a tough time and that is what I am supported to do. It really has nothing to do with my daughter being possessed. God was really speaking to me!!! GODSOME!!!! Thanks for listening! Love you;)