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That is exactly what I am doing.  I am taking action!  My cousin, Jessi and I just completed an Online Bible Study through the Amazing Proverbs 31 Ministry called Made to Crave.  What a powerful journey it has been!  I started thinking I would really find the “diet” that would work for me this time.  Mind you I have not always struggled with my weight but over the past 12 years I just keep putting it on.  I have tried all kinds of diets and fads and such but I have discovered that I have been searching for the wrong thing!  Made to Crave was more than a diet or a book about food.  For me it was about seeking God instead of food.


Talk about the words jumping straight off the page and smack dab into my face.  I have been using food to find comfort when all this time I should have been looking up to God.  He is what will comfort me ALL The time.  I am learning so much and this bible study has taken me down a completely different path than I ever thought I would go down.

I long to please God and obey him in ALL that I do every single day of my life.  As I talked about a few posts back, I started praying on my knees and that is truly amazing.  I get so excited just thinking about my new life I just want to explode!!  I can see a difference in my daily life.  I can see a difference in the things I do and say and think.  I can see a difference in my attitude.  I am a changing woman and I LOVE IT!!!

Back to the action.  Now we are onto the next bible study titled Made to Crave Action Plan.  What is it??  Well it is putting everything we learned in the Made to Crave study into action.  I am very excited about this part because I am in a different season of my life than I have ever been.

I am Ready!!!

So part of the online study is every Thursday we are doing a Photo Hop which is associated with scripture and a topic for the week.  So this week we are to post a photo of a scripture that encourages us.  Well I really like Roman 8:28 “God makes all things work together for the good of those who love him.”

Yesterday while spending some time with God and his word, I was lead to the book of Romans then today I found this scripture so I guess Romans is the chapter I will spend some time with each morning.  I find it very appropriate because I am turning my life over to God and good things are happening!!  So until next time remember that God loves us and wants the best for us so give it up to God (everything up to God) and good things will happen in your life.