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Spring is HERE!!!

As I mentioned awhile back I am going to become a gardener one way or another.  Since spring is FINALLY here we are in the beginning stages of an amazing garden!

We have two wild asparagus bushes in the ditch out by the road but with six people in our family, (all of which LOVE asparagus) two bushes are not enough.

Last fall my husband built an asparagus patch closer to our house. 

  Asparagus Patch by House

Our favorite two ways to make asparagus are: 

Wrap it in bacon and grill it

asparagus wrapped in bacon

Spread the asparagus on a baking sheet, rub olive oil on them and sprinkle it with sea salt.  Then throw it in the oven (375-400 degrees) for about 40 minutes flipping it half way through until it is crisp.  Yum, Yum, Yum!!!!

As we wait patiently for God to grace us with our own organic, home grown asparagus I thought I would share with you some recipes I have found that I am very excited to try.

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End of a Season

This season has come to an end.


That statement means a lot of things for my life at the moment.  Many things are changing and as I am very excited, the butterflies in my stomach are going wild!

What am I talking about…

1. I work in a law office and we do income taxes.  A few weeks ago we finished another successful tax SEASON:)

2. I think the winter SEASON is over but up here in northeast Iowa I wonder if that is really the case as it has been cold and rainy.   The Spring season needs to hurry up and get here.

3. I had talked in previous posts about quitting my job and staying home with my kids.  That plan has changed a little.  With much prayer and many conversations with my husband, we have decided that I will keep working but only part time (two days a week  or so) for now and see how it goes.  So a new SEASON in my career and parenting has arrived!

4. This goes along with spring (if it ever comes).  Since I will be home much more I will be working in our large family garden, freezing, canning, etc. to go along with our goal of living a healthier, more “green” lifestyle!  We have also talked about possibly raising chickens so if anyone has any advice in that are, I would appreciate any tips for beginners.  I haven’t a clue how to tackle that SEASON!!

Many things are ending and many new exciting things are beginning.  My growing faith has had a huge role in the changes and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!

My goal for my blog is to post more regularly so stick around for more!!