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Something Amazing

For those of you how don’t know, I am a helper at our local youth group.  We recently started a new curriculum and are asking that our kids send a short video to their friends on their social networking sites.  We realize that all them won’t do this and possible not very many of them will.  I understand how hard it is to be different and to put things out there that may cause others to not be very nice.  Our faith can be controversial at times and people can be mean.  We have to remember to stand strong in our beliefs!  God doesn’t want us to be ashamed of him so I am also going to post this on my social media pages!!  Check out this short video.


Comment below if you have questions!!  My faith is growing each day and I thank God for everything in my life, good and bad!!!  I will do my best to answer your questions, but the real answers are all right in the word.  Grab your bible or go buy one if you don’t have one and start studying God’s manual for how to live your life!!!


Have a wonderful day and God Bless you!


Unique Gifts

Because I don’t have enough to do why not add a home based business to my list!!


Okay!!! Done!!! Check that off my list!

My dad and I have been business partners since January of 2012.

For as long as I can remember my dad has been a carpenter which is what he studied in college but has mostly just done it as a side job.  His passion in life is woodworking!!  He is extremely talented and very much a perfectionist when it comes to his projects which can be awesome for the one getting the item but not so good for those working around him!  Just kidding dad:)

Scrapbooking has been a favorite pastime of mine for many years and a few years back I added crafts and DIY projects to my list of hobbies.  Even though I don’t have a lot of time to scrapbook anymore I have fallen in love crafting.  My favorite craft is sign making!  I LOVE to give gifts to others and I feel that a homemade gift is the best.  You can’t get any better than a nice handmade item!


To see more of our items, check us out on Facebook at or shop our Etsy page at

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Healthy Living

Advocare Logo

My husband and I have been Advisors with AdvoCare for about 4 years now.  We became Advisors so we could get the products at a discount which is an awesome perk!!  We love the products and we have felt much better since we started using them.

For those of you that are not familiar with AdvoCare let me tell you a little about the company.  “AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity.  Driven by a desire to help people improve their life nutritionally and financially, Charlie Ragus founded AdvoCare in 1993. He chose the name AdvoCare to communicate his commitment to be an advocate who cared.  Today, AdvoCare carries on with Mr. Ragus’ vision and commitment to offer products and an opportunity for financial freedom to people of all walks of life.”  (This information has been taken directly from the AdvoCare website.)

If you are looking for weight loss (24 Day Challenge), increased performance while working out (Performance Elite), energy ( Energy-Slam) or overall wellness we have what you need. There are products for everyone including children.  Our kids love the Rehydrate which is so much better than Gatorade!!!

To find out more, check out our website.  You can order directly from the site which ships to you or you can message me to place your order.  Contact me if you have any questions about the company, the products or to start a new opportunity to make some money!!

Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless, Crystal



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God Will Provide

God will provide!  Won’t he? He will provide when we need him to, right?  For a long time now I have had the mind set that God will provide for us in our time of need.  But in the back of my mind I have those questions.

This week was the first week in our new season!  I started my part time hours at work and when I say part time I mean part time.  I am only working two days a week.  My hubby and I have been thinking about taking this step for about three years.  When our youngest baby was born, which made 4 kids, we thought it might be wise to stay home.  I felt I was missing our on our kids and day care was not cheap.  We talked about it and talked about it and talked about it but in the back of my mind I never really thought it would happen.

Well it DID happen!!  Finally!!  I am home (most of the time) with my kids!


BUT now the questions have jumped back into my mind.

Will God really provide?  We will have enough money at the end of the month? Will we still be able to go places and do things with the kids?  What if we can’t make ends meet?

I now realize those doubts are Satan whispering his lies to me.  He really needs to leave me alone!!  He has no place in my life and I am finally able to discern Satan’s voice and know that I just need to ignore him and pray, pray, pray!!

Last night after my nightly prayer asking God to help me figure all this out and to provide for our needs even when it gets really tough, I picked up my Prayers and Promises for Mothers book and looked up Faith.  Guess what I read??

Prayers and Promises for Mothers Book

The title of the prayer was “God will Provide”!!!!  How crazy and amazing and totally Godsome is that?  I read the prayer and felt like I wrote it.  It was exactly how I have been feeling and just what I have been praying for.  Read the prayer below!!

God will Provide

(“Dear Jesus, there are several mouths to feed, as well as bodies to clothe, in our family; and we are certainly not wealthy.  Of course I am thankful for each member of my family, an I cannot complain about the cost of their food and clothing.  I’ve no need to be concerned, because You have always met all our needs.  Remind me that You will always provide when the supplies run low–right along with the cash.  Faith isn’t easy when our minds are taught to believe only what we see; but faith is rewarding.  It is better to walk by faith, because You will never fail us.  What we see in this world does have the potential to fail us.  So help me live by faith.”)

God Will Provide!!  I am listening and I know he hears me as well. We have to live life with complete faith in God.  We have to trust fully that if we do as he asks he will make sure we are taken care of. Spending time in his word daily, living what I learn from the Bible and prayer are the keys to a wonderful life!!  I am very excited about my new journey and my time with my kids.

God Bless, Crystal!