When our children are challenging!

“When God is the leader of our lives, He asks us to deny ourselves and follow Him. That means resisting the way we want to react and instead choosing to respond the way God wants us to respond.” ~Jill Savage (Proverbs 31 Ministry Daily Devotions)

Haley has a good eye for outdoor photos.

Do you ever feel that your children are not very lovable at a certain moment?
Do you ever just want to run away to a remote island or even just to a very quiet place?
Do you ever wonder why in the world you even had children or why God thought you could handle them?

I can honestly answer yes to all of these at times!

Being a parent is hard work. It is the hardest job I have ever had. I have been a mom for 14 years and it doesn’t get any easier as the time passes by. Whether you have 1 kiddo or 4, some days are just challenging!

So what do we do? Where do we turn? The Bible is the best manual out there for all of life’s issues! God shows us in many different ways how to raise our kids. God’s words are a clear example of how to interact with our little ones.

As I read my daily devotion last week I realized just that. We need to turn to God in times of frustration. We need to fight the temptation and act the way God wants us to.

How do we do that you ask?

All the answers are right in the Bible. Read it! Study it! Memorize it! Hide it in your heart!!

Once we can figure out that we need to turn to God and his written word we will be able to overcome anything.

How do you fight temptation? In what ways do you study and memorize scripture? Comment to share!

Have a very blessed day,