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Day 4: Listening

Day 4 of the 31 Days of Consistency & Children!

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My goal is to post each morning during this 31 Day Challenge but today that did not happen.  The temps are dropping here in Iowa and my hubby had to fire up the wood stove last night.  This morning we sent a few hours cutting wood and this is the first chance I have had to jump on the computer.

I don’t have very much insight for you today.  I am actually not feeling very consistent or happy with my children today!

Today’s post is my cry out for help.

My children appear to have forgotten what listening ears are.  We have been working on our listening ears in our house.  My kids have talked a lot about listening ears because at school that is the term the teachers use.  If their listening ears are working they are doing a good job listening but if they are not working they are not listening well.  Today in my house their listening ears must be broken!!!  I have asked kindly for little favors or for the kiddos to do their chores and everything seems to fall on deaf ears.


Frustrated is an understatement as to how I am feeling.  I need your help today!  What strategies do you use to get your kiddos to listen?  What suggestions do you have for me today?  How do you regain control of behaviors?

I appreciate your feedback and assistance!

God Bless, Crystal