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Day 5: Praying Parents

Day 5 of 31 Days of Consistency & Children

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The power of prayer is AMAZING!!

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I truly believe that when we pray to our heavenly father with a sincere heart God will answer our prayers!  Now before you start telling me that is not true or that God didn’t answer your prayers, let me explain.

I believe that God answers our prayers BUT maybe not the way we want or in the time we expect.  God has plans for us and they are in HIS time not ours.  He also can see the road ahead of us so he knows just what we need or don’t need.  We have to remember to give it to God and TRUST him fully!

I am  currently reading the book The Power of the Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian.  This is one of my favorites!!!  If you have never read any of the Power of a Praying… books, you are missing out.  This book talks about all the areas that a parent should pray for a child and then each chapter ends with a prayer.  They are very powerful prayers!!

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Not only do I think it is important to pray for our children but it is something I have been doing more of lately.  My prayers have been a little different than normal the past two weeks.

Our 5 year old son is going to have surgery tomorrow.  Now my husband and I have been parents for a little over 15 years and this is the first surgery for any of our children.  This surgery is to remove a cyst in his abdomen.  The procedure should be pretty simple and quick but a momma still worries.  Also to add to the mix our son only has one kidney so there is a little extra worry.  I know that this is in God’s hands and I have given the whole situation over to him.

So we need to remember to pray for our children on a daily basis so God can cover them with his love.  I am not afraid to ask others to pray as well so please pray for my son tomorrow and for the medical staff to have steady hands and the wisdom and knowledge they need to get the job done!  Thank you for the prayers and have a wonderful week!!

God Bless, Crystal


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  1. I can attest to that! Raised to young ladies to pray and hear the Voice of God since they were 3 and 5. They serve the Lord since then.

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