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Day 6: Compassion

Day 6 of 31 Days of Consistency & Children

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If you read yesterday’s post I mentioned that our son was having surgery today. Just to update everyone, it went well and he is in recovery now. Once he is moving around and able to eat something we will head back home!!

Today will be a cuddly day of rest at home. My plan will be just to keep him comfortable and enjoy the precious little guy.

Part of being a parent is to comfort our children and let them know that we love them. We must show compassion as God does with us. We hope our kids will be compassionate towards others but we need to model that for them.

My husband and I will be doing just that in the next days to come. The challenge will be keeping him less active for the next few weeks. He has lifting restrictions and limited rough play. Our son is the roughest, toughest 5 year old boy out there! We will rely on patience and prayer to get through!

Today’s message is to love your little ones they way you want them to love others everyday!!