Day 7: Temper Tantrums

Day 7 of 31 Days of Consistency & Children

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“Mom I want a treat!”
“I will be good can I have a treat??”
“I want it now!!”

I bet we have all heard those words as we make our way through the store. But what happens after we say no can be astounding!

A full blown temper tantrum!

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How embarrassing!

With four kids we have had our fair share of tantrums. I always go into the store hopeful that this time they will listen and be good. We even talk about it before going in BUT it tends to happen anyway!

Everyone staring at you, kids screaming, my face red! Now what? You give the sweet little one an evil look hoping they will get the hint.

Then the worst thing happens that you told yourself would not happen because you would have control…

You give in and let them get a treat so you can get out of he store quickly!

BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guess what happens the next time you go to the store with that adorable little child?

Yep you guessed it. An even bigger tantrum than before.

So the funny thing about kids is that they are smart. They have us figured out WAY before we figure them out!

I have been talking with my kids about these situations and I have informed them that they will not get treats every time we go to a store. In fact they will not get them very often unless it is a special occasion or they have been exceptionally good.

That sounds easy enough but when they start throwing a fit my rational thinking goes out the window!

Well yesterday (after a very long day at the hospital with my 5 year old son) I was put to the test again. My 3 year old son wanted a treat and I firmly said no and proceeded to walk to the checkout. He followed me (crying of course) but he still followed. We walked out as I ignored him and we got in the van. He was screaming but I paid no attention and asked the rest of my family to ignore him as well.

There is great relief in winning that battle! I am the parent and I was in control and I won!! Now if I can just be mindful of my role and who is in charge the next time and the time after that and so on and so forth I will continue to win! It will get easier each time but I have to be consistent!!!

What do you guys or gals do in this situation? How do you avoid the tantrums? I would love to hear how you deal with your kids in stores.

God Bless, Crystal