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Day 9: Momma is sick

Day 9 of 31 Days of Consistency & Children

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In all the talk about consistency with our children we know that we have to do things over and over again, day in and day out so that things will become a habit, a routine or a consistent thing!

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But what happens we momma doesn’t fell well?? How do we keep things going smoothly in our homes? I ask this because I have been suffering with severe allergy issues the past two days which has made me very sick:(

I have been trying to keep up with things in my home and keep the kids on a routine (which is very hard since my kids have not had one prior to a few months ago) but all I want to do is curl up in a warm blanket by the fireplace and sleep!

God will give me the strength I need but of course the boys are going to push the limits as much as possible. I need help!! What do I do?

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God Bless, Crystal


8 thoughts on “Day 9: Momma is sick”

  1. That’s a good question! I actually am taking a sick day from work today. I don’t have any kids, and it’s hard enough just to keep up our tiny apartment when I’m not feeling well, so I feel for you. I think it’s important to give yourself some grace, though, when you’re sick. We all do our best, but we’re not perfect, and if everything doesn’t get done, it’ll be OK. There’s grace enough for that.

    Get well soon!

    1. Unfortunately most of my friends and family work outside the home! At the moment the boys are playing nice! I talked to them about playing together nicely and helping mommy! Thanks do much for the advice. Movie will be put in shortly

    2. Great words of advice! As a woman I think we try to be superwoman and forget that we are not perfect and that we are allowed to rest and rake care of ourselves!!

  2. Praying for you! It is hard to be sick and have little ones with lots of energy!! A good movie day is always fun 🙂 Give yourself permission to rest. Do you have a neighbor or friend you could call on for a “play-date” for the boys?

  3. I was a single parent for 12 years (sole custody), so when I was sick or struggling, I learned to invite my son into the space with me. We talked about what happens when things are hard, and I let him be the caregiver, let him come up with ideas on quiet play or movies to watch that might “make it all better.” It may have meant I would have to do a little clean-up on the backside of it all, but he learned a lot about giving, receiving, patience, and love.

    1. Thank you veryuch. I live prayers. My husband and I have 4 kiddos so it is not the first time I have been sick with kids but I really don’t want to lose the small amount of routine we have started!!

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