Day 22: Activities and Family Time

Day 22 of 31 Days of Consistency & Children

We decorated/carved pumpkins tonight. I believe that working on activities together and spending time as a family is crucial to building a good family foundation!

There are many things my family enjoys. Some enjoy them more than others but doing them together is what is important. For example, most of my family loves to go fishing, me…not so much. I do go with on occasion. I don’t fish but I love watching the kids fish. This is something that my husband does with the kids often. My heart smiles at the wonderful bonding time they spend together. There is a song that reminds me of this time together!

Part of being consistent with our children is just doing things together and really getting to know each other. Not only can you get to know more about each family member but you can use those times as teaching moments. Our precious children are not born with the ability to take losing well or to share or to take turns so we have to mold and shape them. No better time than while playing together. You can model the appropriate behavior you wish for your children to have. Kids are like sponges and they WILL soak up everything they see no matter if it is good or bad! Remember that before you throw the dice across the table when you lose a turn!!

Games such as board games, card games and outdoor games are popular around our house. Farkle is probably our favorite or at least my husbands favorite!! I can’t say if it is because he wins most of the time or that he just enjoys the game. Many versions of this dice game have emerged in the past few years so if you do get bored with the traditional version you can try another try. This article explains the variations of the great game!
One thing that is nice about farkle is you have to know your numbers and how to count thus it becomes a great math exercise as well. The kids are busy playing so they won’t even realize that they are learning!!

Reading is a favorite as well. We have an early reader in which she has very recently become addicted to books. I don’t know about you but there are many things much worse to become addicted to!! Books are just fine with me;) My boys are even getting into story time. Their favorite book currently is The Little Blue Truck.
My goal is to get everyone ready for bed each night with time to read at least one book.

Books, games, fishing. We touched on these as fun family activites. I want to hear what your favorite pastimes are.

God Bless, Crystal