Day 23: Movies

Day 23 of 31 days of Consistency & Children


I have taken on a part-time job as a shift leader at our local (100 year old, very cool but creepy) movie theatre and opera house. I have always enjoyed movies and now I try to be a little more up to date with the current flicks. I am also more aware of what is playing and what ages it is appropriate for.

Recently a strange situation happened and it has me questioning why! Over Halloween weekend we showed a horror movie which was of course rated R. The part that has me wondering is when a young mom came in with her 4-year old daughter. They watched the whole movie! This was a creepy movie. Why would you want to expose your very young child to that?

I have never really been a parent who was extremely cautious of movies and what my kids watch. Now I don’t mean I let them watch anything but we talk about the fact that movies are not real. We talk a lot about this topic. I don’t let them watch scary movies but they have watched movies with some violence.

Prior to becoming a Christian I didn’t think about this much. I do think about this much more often and tend not to let them watch shows that I may have been okay with in the past. I have also been reading reviews more but not just any reviews because not everyone has the same thoughts. I have found a site that I like. Plugged In gives reviews from a Christian perspective. Check this site out. It breaks the movie down and will even tell you how many bad words are in the movie!!

I don’t want my kids having nightmares but I also don’t want to be the reason they are getting negative influences!

Since I am trying to be consistent with my family I am very careful about what they watch now. What do you think about movies and ratings and kids watching them? I don’t know that I always agree with the rating a movie is given. Sometimes it is rated PG13 but I am certain it should be rated R. How do you judge what your kids watch? Share in the comments!!!

God Bless, Crystal