Day 24: Breakdowns

Day 24 of 31 days of Consistency & Children





Call it what you will! When enough is enough, you have no energy left and you drop to your knees in tears.

Come on moms, you know what I am talking about! Those days when everything is going wrong and the rest of the day looks similar to a car crash in slow motion.

I had one of those days today and boy am I exhausted. The boys were badly misbehaving, I was tired, the kids had destroyed my living room when I wasn’t looking and I had a million things to do but was running out of time!

I had a meltdown right there in the living room while vacuuming in front of the boys:( I have to admit it felt good for a few minutes then embarrassing then right into upset with myself for throwing a fit in front of the boys.

What kind of example was that?
What was I thinking?
Have I lost my mind completely?
Now what do I do?

My youngest son (3) just sat on the couch and stared at me. I can only imagine what was going though his mind.

What is wrong with mom?
Did the vacuum hurt her?
She is nuts!!
Is she going to get me that drink I asked for?

With a sort attention span he took off to go torment his brother. I picked myself up and finished vacuuming. I think I might be feeling a bit stressed What do you think?!!

Now please tell me I am not the only mom out there to go through this?? Tell me you have also thrown a fit! Share what you did or how you composed yourself. Don’t be shy, spill your guts!!

God Bless,