Welcome to Country Chaos Blog.

My name is Crystal Stevenson and once upon a time I used to write poems and short stories. Then life took over.  I got married, had four wonderful babies (now growing like weeds!) and I left the writing in the past.  Many years later I decided to start writing again but in a much different way.  I longed to write again but more specifically to share  all the changes that have been going on in our lives. Helping others is a passion of mine so if I can write and help others in many areas thats a win-win in my book. Our crazy busy life started evolving into something very new and different which is why I created Country Chaos Blog in January of 2014!


My faith has become the foundation of my life.  Without God, life is meaningless.  I strive to share what my faith has done as I share what God can do for you.  I also have a lot of hobbies and experience in a wide array of areas.  Notice I did NOT say expertise, but experience.  I love helping people and if sharing tips and tricks for everyday life can be beneficial to others that makes me happy.

So you want to know what took over my life many years ago that keep me too busy to write…It all started with my high school sweetheart, Brad whom made me his wife 16 years ago!  By God’s grace the two of us created four wonderful kiddos!!


Now for the rest of the story…

Haley-our “fly like the wind” first born is in college in Colorado (we reside in Iowa)!

Haley 2017

Olivia-our beautiful artist and music maker!

Olivia 2017

Blake-our creative, outdoorsy, food loving handsome dude!

Blake 2017

Lathen-our “baby” boy that will no doubt become a farmer or equipment operator someday!

Lathen 2017

Boomer-our 9 year old Toy Poodle which MOST of our kids adore!


We stay very, very busy or as I would call it “chaotic” on our small acreage in the rural Iowa countryside.

We strive to live a “healthier” life in every way we can which is some of what you will find at Country Chaos Blog.  We enjoy watching all four of our children grow into their own unique selves.  We are trying to create routines and consistency for them and ourselves so we don’t all go crazy…Oh shoot, it might be too late!

Some of the things we love are camping, fishing, hunting, playing outdoor games, swimming, campfires and gardening.  We also enjoy playing board games, card games, watching movies, crafting, trying new recipes, DIY projects and just hanging out together!

I hope you enjoy our blog and remember I love feedback, ideas or suggestions from all of you!


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