Welcome to Country Chaos Blog.

My name is Crystal Stevenson and once upon a time I used to write poems and short stories. Then life took over and I left that in the past.  Many years later I decided to start writing again but in a much different way. I really wanted a place to record all the changes that have been occuring in our lives. Our crazy busy life (in the country) started evolving into something very new and different which is why I created Country Chaos Blog in January of 2014!

Crystal 2015

I have a lot of hobbies and experience in a wide array of areas.  Notice I did NOT say expertise, but experience.  I love helping people and sharing things that have worked for me but at the same time I love hearing what works for others.

My husband, Brad, and I have we high school sweethearts (or some kind of complicated version of that) and have been married for 13 years.

Brad and Crystal
Brad and Crystal 2013

We have four beautifully messy children!


Haley (15)


Olivia (8)


Blake (5)


Lathen (3)


Boomer is our 7 year old Toy Poodle which most of our kids adore!

We stay very, very busy, which can seem a lot like Chaos, on our small acreage in the country in rural Iowa.

We strive to live a “healthier” life which will include but not limit us to: eating healthy, exercising, making our home more environmentaly healthy, looking to God for EVERYTHING, expanding our garden which is already very big, helping others in need and making our house a home!

I enjoy watching all four of my children grow into their own unique person.  We are trying to create routines and consistency for them and ourselves so we don’t all go crazy…Oh shoot, it might be too late!

We love camping, fishing, hunting, playing outdoor games, swimming, campfires and gardening (not so much my hobby but that will be changing).  We also enjoy playing board games, card games, watching movies, crafting, making new recipes, DIY projects and just hanging out together!

I hope you enjoy our blog and remember I love feedback, ideas or suggestions from all of you!

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