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Christian music is one of my comforts! My favorite radio station is the only station I listen to. I feel closer to God when I worship along with the artists!

I came across this very cool video which brought tears to my eyes! Let me know what you think.

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Ultimate DIY Bundle

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Day 27: Reading the Word

Day 27 of 31 days of Consistency & Children


There is one area that I am not consistent with my children on and pray that I can be.

Reading God’s Word is a passion that I have recently found.  I find deep peace in reading the Bible.  I am not consistent in reading each day but I am working on that.  I long to read from the Bible each day to my children as well.  I want them to hear God’s word and to want them to read the Bible for themselves as well.

Each one of my children has their own Bible (well my 5 year old will have his own on Christmas).  My 3 year old has a childrens Bible and we have numerous Bible stories.  I feel it is very important for them to have their own Bible so they can read it, make notes in it, and whatever else they choose to do.

images (2)

I pray that God can help me teach my children his word and that I can carve out the time to do so.  I don’t really have a good method or plan to reading it myself and I would really like insight on a good reading plan.  I would love to read the Bible in a year but I am much more passionate about reading it daily for myself and reading it daily to my children.  I welcome any ideas or suggestions.

download (2)

Thank you in advance!

God Bless,


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Day 26: Peer Pressure

Day 26 of 31 days of Consistency & Children


How do you handle peer pressure with your children?

All children face it at some point in their young lives.  No parent wants to see their children hurting or struggling with decisions to do the right thing or to follow their friends.  How do we teach our kids not to “Fit In?”

This can be challenging because we want our kids to be liked and to have friends and not to be picked on but we don’t want them to sacrifice their values.

I don’t think God wanted us all to do the same thing.  I am pretty sure God wants us to be our own individual which is why he created us all unique!!

My husband and I try to express to our children that they don’t have to do what everyone else is doing especially if they know it is wrong or if they feel led to do something else.  We all feel judged by others at times and that is hard for kids to experience.

Lynn Cowell is a wonderful woman that will help direct you to raising wise daughters!!!  My two oldest children are girls so I like to use her resources.  I have yet to find a great resource geared toward boys but I am still looking.  If you have any suggestions please share them with me.  I like to have go to Christian resources for ideas!!


How do you handle peer pressure in your house?  What do you do to prevent your heart from hurting due to the mean things people can say or do when we don’t fit in?

Remember that God is the only one we have to please!!

God Bless,


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Fitting In

Fitting in is so much easier than not fitting in, right?  Peer pressure is hard to handle!  Young kids are not the only one who face peer pressure.  Unfortunately it never goes away, no matter your age.  That is depressing but there is hope.


My husband and I try to teach our children that they don’t have to fit in to be loved.  That is much harder said than done.  Trust me, I know and that has been an issue I have (I would like to say “had” but I still struggle at times) to deal with each and every day.  I will say that since becoming a Christian it is easier because I know God has plans for me and they don’t always include fitting in with others or with the ways of the world.

As we address this topic with our children we have to remember to keep our heads and hearts in check and in line with the Gospel.  My devotion today was a perfect reminder.  Check it out here!  As my daughter struggles with making decisions that feel right in her heart versus what people will think of her decision this can be a comfort to her as well.  In the end it will not matter what others thought of us!!

Another topic I have talked about lately is Santa.  This kind of goes along with the following others and the fitting in issue if you really think about it.  We don’t want to be different but what about being different when we know it is right to be different?  That is tricky!  I have been battling with myself on this very topic.  I enjoy Santa and have since I was very young.  I see the excitement in my kids around Christmas when Santa is mentioned.  On the other hand there are things about Santa I don’t like.  I don’t think that he should only come if the kids are “good”.  I think too much emphasis is put on that aspect.  What child is going to be “good” all the time just because a big jolly guy will bring presents to them?  As parents are we really going to stop Santa from coming at the first sign of misbehavior?  Why do they only have to behave shortly before Christmas rolls around and not year-round?  This is nuts to me!!


Our children know the real reason behind Christmas and they will tell you it is not truly about Santa but about Jesus.  We talk about Jesus and his birth and why we celebrate Christmas in our house.  We also talk about Jesus, God, and share the Gospel year-round, not just in December.  I am pleased to hear my children praying and talking about God in their daily lives!!

A great friend of mine knew just what I needed and sent me a wonderful message and included a very well written blog post about another family that had the same Santa struggles as I.  Read about it here! I feel more at ease after talking with family and reading this post.  I think a little tweaking will make me feel more comfortable with this whole Santa thing.

So with all that said, we don’t have to fit in to be loved.  God loves us just as we are and he is pleased with our decision even if our “friends” are upset with our choices.  In the end, God is the one judging us not our peers!


God Bless,



Santa or No Santa

As my faith gets stronger and I learn more about God’s word I question some of the things I do or traditions we have done for years.

I recently came across an article I want to share with you…What to do about Santa. Check it out.

Do we just keep lying to our kids as we teach them abouthonesty?

Do we keep creating a false hope when we teach them to put their hope in God?

Such tough questions! What do you guys do about santa? Do you keep the tradition going or did you start a new tradition and teach your kids the truth?

Please share your thoughts on this topic (controversial topic I am sure)!!

God Bless, Crystal


Day 25: Co-Sleeping

Day 25 of 31 days of Consistency & Children



What a funny term! Is it good or bad? Well it depends on who you ask I suppose.

We have had sleeping issues with our youngest who is now three years old.

Let me give you some background. Afyer we brought him home from the hospital he slept in a bassinet for a while in our room until he was ready for his crib. He slept in his crib until he was about 1 year old. He was a climber. We were not about to have him fall out of his crib as he tried to make a break for it. We moved him to a toddler bed. Then something happened and he ended up in our bed. I don't remember at this point why or what happened for us to bring him into our bed.

As I mentioned above he is three years old and he sleeps with us. It is easy and he sleeps well. I don't know if I have energy to fight with him:?

I mentioned this to our family doctor and he said we can do one of two things.

1) Make him sleep in his own bed and since he is older it may take a little longer but if we stick to ours guns it will work. We will have to be consistent.

2) We can just let him sleep with us as long as we are all getting our rest. When he gets a few years older his friends will give him a hard time for sleeping with us so he will want to sleep in his own bed.

The thought of tring to make him go to his own bed kinda makes me sick. What are your thoughts? What suggestions do you all have?

God Bless, Crystal

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Thanksgiving Every Day

unnamed (9)

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching!



Friends and Family.

Turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing.

These are the main things on everyone’s mind currently.

Don’t get me wrong I love all the above also except maybe the cleaning part.

Then comes Thanksgiving day and everyone says what they are thankful for and they eat and laugh and have a grand ol’ time.  Then the day is over and we all go about our business.

But what about being thankful each and every day!  We can’t forget to praise God for ALL the things he provides us weather big or small.

Each day is a blessing and we can’t forget that.  One of my favorite moms to follow is Money Saving Mom.  Crystal Paine has some amazing tips! Check her out here. One of the new things she has been busy creating is a Gratitude Journal.  Now there is a special place to keep track of  those big and little things we are thankful for each day.

As mentioned above, time with family and friends is very important.  Adding a delicious meal to the mix is just one added bonus.  Where do we get all the goodies for the big day.  Click here to find out!

God Bless, Crystal


Day 24: Breakdowns

Day 24 of 31 days of Consistency & Children





Call it what you will! When enough is enough, you have no energy left and you drop to your knees in tears.

Come on moms, you know what I am talking about! Those days when everything is going wrong and the rest of the day looks similar to a car crash in slow motion.

I had one of those days today and boy am I exhausted. The boys were badly misbehaving, I was tired, the kids had destroyed my living room when I wasn’t looking and I had a million things to do but was running out of time!

I had a meltdown right there in the living room while vacuuming in front of the boys:( I have to admit it felt good for a few minutes then embarrassing then right into upset with myself for throwing a fit in front of the boys.

What kind of example was that?
What was I thinking?
Have I lost my mind completely?
Now what do I do?

My youngest son (3) just sat on the couch and stared at me. I can only imagine what was going though his mind.

What is wrong with mom?
Did the vacuum hurt her?
She is nuts!!
Is she going to get me that drink I asked for?

With a sort attention span he took off to go torment his brother. I picked myself up and finished vacuuming. I think I might be feeling a bit stressed What do you think?!!

Now please tell me I am not the only mom out there to go through this?? Tell me you have also thrown a fit! Share what you did or how you composed yourself. Don’t be shy, spill your guts!!

God Bless,


Day 23: Movies

Day 23 of 31 days of Consistency & Children


I have taken on a part-time job as a shift leader at our local (100 year old, very cool but creepy) movie theatre and opera house. I have always enjoyed movies and now I try to be a little more up to date with the current flicks. I am also more aware of what is playing and what ages it is appropriate for.

Recently a strange situation happened and it has me questioning why! Over Halloween weekend we showed a horror movie which was of course rated R. The part that has me wondering is when a young mom came in with her 4-year old daughter. They watched the whole movie! This was a creepy movie. Why would you want to expose your very young child to that?

I have never really been a parent who was extremely cautious of movies and what my kids watch. Now I don’t mean I let them watch anything but we talk about the fact that movies are not real. We talk a lot about this topic. I don’t let them watch scary movies but they have watched movies with some violence.

Prior to becoming a Christian I didn’t think about this much. I do think about this much more often and tend not to let them watch shows that I may have been okay with in the past. I have also been reading reviews more but not just any reviews because not everyone has the same thoughts. I have found a site that I like. Plugged In gives reviews from a Christian perspective. Check this site out. It breaks the movie down and will even tell you how many bad words are in the movie!!

I don’t want my kids having nightmares but I also don’t want to be the reason they are getting negative influences!

Since I am trying to be consistent with my family I am very careful about what they watch now. What do you think about movies and ratings and kids watching them? I don’t know that I always agree with the rating a movie is given. Sometimes it is rated PG13 but I am certain it should be rated R. How do you judge what your kids watch? Share in the comments!!!

God Bless, Crystal