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Day 21: Designated Areas

Day 21 of 31 Days of Consistency & Children


Since doing the 31 days challenge I have really been thinking about how my children need a lot of direction.


They need to be given very strict boundaries and very clear directions in all their daily activities. When too many tasks are left for them to interpret things can go haywire very quickly!

My kids have a toy room and a bedroom and then I thought it would be nice if they had a spot in the living room for some of their toys but I have quickly changed my mind. It is funny how ideas change rapidly when a person is thinking about the issues that can arise from such ideas.

My living room turns into a disaster.

living room

The toy room has been hit by a massive tornado.


Their rooms were demolished by a tidal wave in a matter of minutes!!

tidal wave

Too many areas for them to “play” turns into more work for mom. I have changed my mind!!!

I completely revamped my living room.  NO more toys!  NO more books!  Not in my living room!

I have decided to get their toy room under control as well.  That room will be the only room for their toys and books.  They can have books in their rooms and maybe a few toys but the majority of the stuff will stay in the toy room.   My kids spend most of their time in the toy room anyway so why not keep that the designated room for toys!!

So the consistent part of this is that each and every night they will have to pick up the toy room and any other things that they have gotten out and put it back in its place.  I am sooooooo tired of picking up then turning around to pick up again.  This momma is not going to keep stressing about picking up because I am not going to pick up their stuff anymore.  My kids range from 3 to 15 which is more than old enough to be responsible for their own items.  If they are left out of place I will take it and they may not get it back.  I don’t want to sound mean but I have plenty of other tasks to do each day.

What do you all think?  Please tell me you have similar problems.  What have you done to create less stress for yourself?  Comment with your thoughts, ideas or suggestions!!

God Bless, Crystal

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What is that?

What language are you speaking?

Organization is something I strive for but rarely get. I have some really great ideas in my head but when it comes down to actually being organized those are just dreams!


Since having my own home based business and since I started blogging from home I have learned a few things:

  • Being organized is a lot of work!!
  • Being organized takes a lot of time!!
  • Being organized is exhausting!!!
  • Being organized is just not for me!!!

Wait, what?

Okay I am not a huge fan of being organized or should I say becoming organized!  I am working on this daunting task little by little.  My cousin, Jessi would laugh at me right now because this is an area in which we are complete opposites!!  She loves lists and I make them and lose them.  She can go through her day on schedule and I forgot where I put my schedule.  She has a nice neat home with everything in its place and I have a home that has stuff in it somewhere!!

Not organized

All joking aside I know that being organized is very important especially if working from home.

So since I mentioned that I have learned a few things I would like to share with you what I have really learned and what I am in the process of changing as we speak.

First and probably the most important step is to be prepared.  I know what areas of my home I need to get organized and into place so I need to prioritize these areas into what I want to work on first.  Then I need to have a plan and create steps.  Then (for me) I need to break each step into smaller steps so I can have a plan for what I need to do each day and even what I need to do during the day to accomplish my goals.

Now that sounds really complicated but I can tell you from personal experience that it is much easier than you think even if you get easily distracted like I do!


One of my favorite apps on my phone is a planning/organizing/cleaning tool.  It is called Cozi from Fly Lady  which you can check out here!

It also has a web version but I need to take it with my so I prefer the app.  The features it has are:

Calendar Cozi calendar

Shopping  Cozi shopping

To Do Cozi to do

Journal Cozi journal

and if you purchase the Gold package: Contacts and Birthdays.

I use it to put  in all of my appointments, keep track of my grocery list and know what my to do items are!

One of my favorite features of the calendar is what the Fly Lady adds to it each and every day.  In just 15-30 minutes each day can really get a lot accomplished!  She has each week set aside to clean  one section of your home.  Then each day she breaks down the section into small tasks in order to get that area done in a weeks time.  See below so you can understand my mumbling!!

Cozi weekly cleaning

This is the weeks section which she breaks down into Zones-Master Bedroom

Cozi daily cleaning

Today is Mission #1 of Zone 4 (Master Bedroom)

Cozi daily cleaning 2

This section I couldn’t get in one screenshot but it explains exactly what to do.

Cozi daily cleaning 3I

I am one who needs someone to just break it down and tell me what to do.  It can’t get any clearer than that.

Now I can know what I need to do each day, what groceries I need to buy when I go to the store, where I need to be and when, and exactly what I need to clean today to keep my house in tip top shape!!!

I hope you all find something useful in this post but I also LOVE ideas or tips on how to stay (or become) organized so please share with me your thoughts, ideas and tips!!!

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Green Machine Wanna Be!!


For awhile now I have wanted to start using “green” products and food in my home but who has time for that??? Not me. But this past year my family had been sicker than usual so my desire to go green skyrocketed. Since Pinterest is one of my best friends I went on a pinning frenzy!!

I have pinned many things in the past with the thought of going back later to read that or print that but it rarely happens. Until today…we’ll actually until about a month ago but that doesn’t sound as good as “today!”

Anyway where was I going with this? Oh yes…I have reorganized my boards on Pinterest and I have been reading and printing!!! We have been trying many of the tips and tricks to help simplify our lives but the best part is that today (it really was today) I made my first green all purpose cleaner!!! The sticky stuff on my cedar chest, made by my grandpa who is no longer with us, threw me over the edge.

The cleaners you buy in the store stink so bad I can’t help but wonder what I am breathing in. You know it is bad when your 14 year old daughter says we should try something else!!

Wow!! Making the cleaner was not only easy but it was cheap AND I had all 3 ingredients on hand and I bet you do too!!

All Purpose Cleaner~from Pinterest
1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide
2 cups water
1/2 cup lemon juice

Mix well and put in a spray bottle. You can clean anything even sticky stuff that only a few small boys would know where it came from!! This was a good day.

If you want to see what really cool things I have pinned check out my Pinterest page!!

God bless you all and have good week!